Are you single, going somewhere on holiday this year and hope to meet your Mr Right?

If you’re single why not go somewhere on holiday this year where you can also meet single guys?

Two birds, one stone – you get some R & R and you get the opportunity to meet your potential Mr Right!

In one of my earlier blogs:

I talked about the importance of Rules 13 “Show Up Even If You Don’t Feel Like It”.

Well here’s a reminder of how important that is.

You must show up, you must increase the chances of meeting your Mr Right!

If you’re following The Rules, you let him make the first move, but you have to show up first!

Whether that’s at a social event, online or a singles holiday!

So if you’re planning on going away, then use this as an opportunity to meet Mr Right – even if you don’t meet him this time it gives you the chance to practice The Rules and takes you one step closer to meeting him.

For UK Rules Girls here are some travel agents you might like to check out for singles holidays – recommended to me by a good friend who specialises in holidays and travel: Solos, Friendship Travel, GA adventures and Spice UK (I do not receive any royalties from these companies and am not associated with them in anyway, these are purely suggestions from a friend).

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