Crème de la Crème

The definition of ‘Crème de la Crème’ according to ‘Wikitionary’ is: “Best of the best; something superlative. The very best.”

The Rules (TR) is designed to ‘weed’ the bad guys out: time wasters, buyer bewares, fantasy relationships and married men. Instead TR attracts to you the ‘Crème de la Crème’.

If it’s going to be a ‘Rules’ relationship the guy should be crazy about you from the start. He will not leave it to chance to date and marry you.

He’s a ‘Next!’ if he is:

  • Not contacting you for long periods in-between dates.
  • Has poofed for several weeks / months and suddenly re-appears.
  • Is online and has done the same as above (perhaps he contacted you once and then you didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks).

If he is Mr Right he will want to pin you down for a date as soon as you are available.

There are a number of reasons why a guy may be doing this and inevitably it’s usually one of the following:

  • He doesn’t want a relationship.
  • You’re not what he’s looking for.
  • He’s seeing someone else he likes more than you, you are not his first choice – you are his back-up plan.
  • He’s married.
  • He’s a buyer beware (unusual and / or difficult behaviour is likely here).
  • He’s a time waster and usually will fit in to one of the above categories.

If you follow TR strictly then the men in the above list will poof in to thin air. Do yourself a favour and let TR do the weeding for you. Let the cream rise to the top, you will be glad you did and you will be left with the ‘Crème de la Crème’.

Are you serious about finding your Mr Right? Have you had your heart broken and are ready to be proactive and step it up a gear? Invest in yourself and your romantic skills and get Rules Dating and Relationship Coaching with me, former Rules Breaker turned Rules Coach. Drop me an email to enquire or have a chat about how I can help you

References: (2014) Crème de la Crème , [Online], Available: [1st October 2014].

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5 thoughts on “Crème de la Crème

  1. I was married to a “buyer beware” for 10 years and have met a lot of “nexts” already now that I am divorced. I know my friends have experienced the same things recently as well. I am really starting to lose faith in online dating sites and so are my friends. Too many liars out there. Thank god for the internet and checking up on guys and their sketchy lives and lack of or false “information” they are telling us. There is a huge disconnect in the universe. SOOO many of these guys tell you they want a “Long Term Relationship” but they are REALLY looking for a BOOTY call girl. It’s all a bit frustrating to say the least.

    • Hi MJ, yes dating is tough, there’s no doubt about it. As for online dating you do have to be more ruthless and there will be a lot of ‘nexting’. All I can say is that this is the time to keep in mind “Rule 49 Keep Doing The Rules When Things Are Slow” (from ‘The Complete Book of Rules’). Yes and I understand your frustration when you seem to keep coming across ‘bad-eggs’. It’s good to have some inspiring stories when you feel like this – I’m particularly fond of Ellen and Sherrie’s ‘Success Stories’ CD which has some great ladies telling their own stories and from a large age and experience range. It is hard to have faith that you’ll meet Mr Right in these times and so ensure you have a support network of Rules contacts and inspirational sources to keep you going when times are tough.

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