My Coaching Services


First things first!

I’m very sorry that I haven’t been present on here or posting here as regularly the last few months.

If you follow my blog or my Facebook page then you’ll know that my FiancĂ© and I got engaged on Saturday 6th December 2014 and we are now in the midst of planning our wedding which is on Saturday 7th November 2015!

As those of you who are familiar with me know I am a staunch advocate of The Rules so much so that I was inspired to train as a Rules Coach!

So you will know how sad I am to say that I have made a very hard decision to put my Rules Coaching Services, Facebook and blog on hold until 2016.

My current plan is to be back with you in the New Year.

This way I feel I can give 100% commitment to my FiancĂ© and our forth-coming Wedding and Honeymoon (The Rules For Marriage) without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting my coaching services.

When I return post Christmas in the New Year it is my sincere plan and hope to give you my full attention!

I hope you understand how hard a decision this was for me and that I thoroughly enjoy connecting with you, so I’m sad to do this.

I do hope you’ll visit my Facebook page and blog in the mean time and read / re-read older posts / blogs and that you’ll return in 2016 with me.

Keep doing ‘The Rules’ ladies and most importantly do them for you – you are worth it!

You deserve your Mr Right and he is out there – keep the faith!

Wishing you lasting true love and romance!

Debbie Sedgley