Making an Effort with your Appearance

You may think that I’m going to tell you that if you want to meet Mr Right then you need to look the best you can. Well that is true, just like an interview you want to look your best and present yourself well, but it doesn’t only help to attract Mr Right physically. Here’s another important reason to make an effort with your appearance.

A CUAO requires confidence or at least faking it until you make it! But here’s a key reason I make an effort with my appearance every single day even when I’m at home all day with my toddler. The reason is that showering, dressing myself nicely, putting on moisturiser, make up and doing my hair makes me feel good.

Two of my favourite authors and self help gurus recommend this: Marla Ciley AKA Fly Lady who calls it “getting dressed to lace up shoes” and Jennifer L Scott AKA The Daily Connoisseur calls it “looking presentable always”. I’m also a big fan of Corina Holden who runs Frump Fighters, creating outfit guides to help women maximise their wardrobes and their children’s wardrobes and Jamie McLaughlin , The Mac House, who runs online make up courses. Both are busy Mums running their own businesses who found getting dressed first thing in the morning helps them start their day right and they help other women do the same.

All four explain how this makes you feel so much better throughout the day. Fly Lady explains how this affects your mental state and how you approach your day. If you’re in your pyjamas or ‘indoor clothes’ all day you’re not going to want to do much and you may feel sluggish and apathetic. It has a knock on effect.

So as a CUAO you want to build up and nourish your self confidence and self esteem. This will then emanate out into the rest of your day and the people around you. You’ll want to make the effort to go out and get online and meet single guys. It may just put the spring in your step you need to attract Mr Right!

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