I offer five types of service (all prices are displayed in UK sterling):

Brand new service! Four hours of phone consultations for £200, Save £40.


  • Summary of phone consultation sent after consultation (within 24 hours) listing key points.
  • Homework set to help clients gain maximum value from the consultation.
  • Clients can send up to two follow-up messages regarding homework or the consultation with up to two replies from Debbie Sedgley Rules Coach.

Email Quick Question £15.00,

Email Consultations: First email £60.00 (very detailed and lengthy response); follow on emails £30.00,

Phone (or internet call) consultation (30 minutes) £30.00,

Phone (or internet call) consultation, this is an add-on service only (15 minutes) £15.00.

Please email me at: for more information or to book a consultation.

Payment: All payments must be made through PayPal. I’m afraid I cannot accept any other method of payment at present.

Forms to complete: All service types require the client to complete a disclaimer and make payment before I can give the client advice. All services except ‘Email Quick Question’ also require the client to complete a form detailing their specific relationship problems plus specific client personal information. This information will help me advise the client as accurately as I can on the best Rulesy answer to their problem or direct them in achieving their Rules goals.

Email Consultations further info: Please note I have had to update my pricing for the first email consultation I provide, I made this update on 24th December 2018. This is because I have found my first email response in particular is extremely detailed and I spend a long time and a large amount of effort writing a detailed response that clients can refer back to again and again. Please note that email consultation is extremely good value for money for this reason.

Phone / internet call consultations further info: The benefits of phone consultation are being able to ask me questions live and during the course of the consultation important new information can surface that a client may wish to expand on further. Live consultations therefore offer the benefit of flexibility. As an NLP master practitioner it would be wrong of me not to add that speaking on the phone garners greater understanding due to the added sensory depth that hearing each others voice adds with tone, pitch and volume. Communication is not just about words, communication is most powerful in person because you can also see someone’s physiology and hear their voice.

Here is a list of the most powerful to the least powerful types of communication:

1. In person.

2. Video call.

3. Voice call.

4. Email or letter.

5. Text or message.

This is why oftentimes misunderstandings can occur during text message or email conversations, because you lose important parts of the meaning when you don’t see someone’s facial expressions, body language (we call these physiology in NLP) or hear their voice.

If you have any further questions about consultations please do drop me an email at

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